The United States Aquatic Log Rolling Organization™ (USA Log Rolling) and The Federation of International Log Rolling™ (FILR) are initiatives of Minneapolis-based, Key Log Rolling® to develop competitive log rolling using the Olympic sport model, and the portable, synthetic rolling logs that the company developed to grow the sport.
FILR will develop rules, rankings and standards for log rolling with synthetic logs, in partnership with national initiatives in each country.  USA Log Rolling will organize the sport in the United States, creating a model that other countries can emulate to develop a pipeline for athletes and sanctioned tournaments, with a focus on youth, adults, and collegiate series.
The historic sport of log rolling has had limited participation due to the limitations of equipment; now it has the potential to become a worldwide sport with standardized equipment, rules and rankings. The vision of USA Log Rolling , FILR, and Key Log Rolling® is to see the exciting water sport in the Olympics.
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